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Hypnosis was the absolute foundation of my “rebirth.” Hypnosis is a beautifully powerful modality that helps us go deep into the subconscious and make lasting changes that free us from the past. Imagine, if you will, that while you were in the womb, your older and wiser self came to you and prepared you for life.  Made sure you absolutely knew you were loved, safe, powerful and confident.  

Prepared you for any of the traumatic situations you had to face so that the little one doesn’t have to let any of those situations, no matter how traumatic, affect them in the same way they affected you. Not to mention while healing the womb self, we send that healing out across other lifetimes. And then you’re reborn. And these changes ripple all the way up until now and moving forward.  Everything shifts.  There is no processing and integration.  Hypnosis is instant. And then we work on Forgiveness of others to let that shit go.  And remember…forgiveness is a change that happens inside of you that frees you from the past.  It’s not for them.  It’s for you.

And then the one persona who’s left to forgive…You.  A whole session dedicated to coming back to oneness with self.  For that self-love to flow.  For you to be whole again All while I’m doing energy work behind the scenes.  Helping move blocks of stuck energy out so you can start fresh and clear. 

3 Session Jump Start Package

This package is the perfect way to shift one thing in your life.  A nice jumpstart, as the title states. We let your subconscious take us to the most pressing issue that has to be dissolved first thing and do just that…dissolve it.  Then we forgive others and self and propel forward ready to continue your healing journey.

8 Week It’s Fuckin Time Healing Intensive

This 8 week journey is for those who are truly ready to dive in for a complete life change.  Week after week of shift after shift…all the heavy lifting.  And the greatest part is that it isn’t really that hard.  Most people zoom right through it.

Throughout the 8 weeks, we will have sessions of hypnosis, sound healing, energy work, breathwork and shamanic journeying.  You’ll be coming back from each session better than before. 

Also included is access to all 8 Wednesday Night Medicine Journey Healing Circles during the journey.  In addition, you get to join the monthly Manifesting Like a Badass Collective for free for the 8 weeks.

This is truly what you need.  It doesn’t matter what you are going through.  Anything can be overcome when it comes to the mind.  If I can do it so can you.  

So if you are tired of feeling sad, anxious, in fear, insecure and angry at the world, this might be for you.  If you are ready to stop living in acceptance mode, focus within, step the fuck up and step into the life you deserve and desire, this might be for you. If you are looking to hone in on your gifts and change the world, this might be for you.

Your life will only change when you realize it’s up to you to change it.

Activate Your Super Powers Monthly Collective

Have you been trying to tap into your superpowers?  Do you even know what your superpowers are?  We were all there. Which is why I put together this Collective…to build an army of healers ready to help the world ascend into 12D. The world has been waiting for you. Humanity has been waiting for you. The planet has been waiting for you. Animals have been waiting for you. Your ancestors have been waiting for you. And here you are.

Ready to Activate Your SuperPOWERS and step into your purpose with badass confidence?  Ready to finally feel free?  Ready to be a huge part of raising the vibration of the collective?  Ready to raise your own vibrations and be locked in and aligned?  Ready to hit that next level?

Sorry to burst your bubble but the only way to help the collective while manifesting the fuck out of life is to put in the work and clear out any things, whether in the mind, body or soul, that are holding you back from living the life you are here to live and doing what you came here to do. Holding on to what no longer serves only holds off all that does.  You can’t fully stand in your power and purpose without being at least somewhat closer to alignment.  No one is expected to be perfect but we HAVE TO be at a certain level to be able to consistently do the powerful work we are here to do daily.

Every month, we will meet every Tuesday and every other Wednesday on Zoom and keep healing and activating, healing and activating. Each live session we will use a combination of modalities such as shamanic journeying, hypnosis, sound healing, energy work and breathwork to dive deeper into self letting go of what’s holding us back while surging forward like never before.  And I’m excited to get to be there to watch you rise firsthand.

Enough small talk. Are you ready?

Healing Circles

Join us every other Wednesday for a deep journey into self. Let’s shed all our abundance blocks and activate our manifesting superpowers.

As I compose a sound odyssey using healing instruments from around the world such as gongs, singing bowls, shakers, didgeridoos, drums and more, you’ll drift off into another place where healing will occur and messages will come. You will meet with your spirit guides or any other beings there for your highest good.

While orchestrating this journey, I’ll be invoking the essence of sacred medicine and channeling divine cosmic energy to you while helping dissolve any energetic blocks holding you back. Come heal and get the guidance you seek so you could finally move even further on your awakening journey.

You will also receive a recording within 72 hours.  

Lifetime Manifesting Abundance Like a Badass Collective

Are you ready to join a collective group of badasses manifesting together daily for life? All it takes is less than 10 minutes per day.

About this event

I get it. I’ve been there. Working my a$$ off only to stay stagnant.

The thing is this…hard work doesn’t mean sh’t unless you’re opened to receive and aligned with all that you’re working hard towards.

For me, my parents argued about money like pretty much every other set of parents. The problem is their story became my money story.

Money blocks and a severe case of lack mentality were created. And money refused to come in. Flat Out Refused.

So I did something about it.

While already working on myself through hypnosis, sound healing and energy work, I shifted focus to shedding those money blocks and developing an abundant mindset.


So Here Are The Details...

Every day, I will post a video of me reciting an extremely powerful manifestation prayer (with my powerful additions). Everyone in the group will then leave a video of them doing the same in the comments or just post done if their camera shy. I’ve done this with partners and friends and it’s been powerful every time. I’m excited to see how much more powerful it gets as we grow.

There will also be 2 super effective daily manifestation exercises that I’ve been doing for months that have been magical. I’ve been doing a ton more card readings for people during this time period and money has been much more abundant and consistent. I’ve had an insane influx of 1-1 hypnosis clients and have paid of most of my debts. I just went down to Mexico for a month and never before would this be possible.

First off, this is going to be hosted within a private Facebook group so if you don’t have Facebook, set up a dummy account just for this. I promise…it will be worth it.

I Have Truly Figured Out How To Manifest...

Other than the 3 exercises, I’ll be sharing inspirational posts and exclusive sessions when called as well as other peoples tips and techniques that have helped me to get here.

And More


You will not manifest the abundance you desire and deserve with a lack mentality and abundance blocks whether mental or energetic. Join us in this powerful Lifetime Manifesting Abundance Like a Badass Collective and see how these little, and big, shifts can change everything. Absolutely everything.

The Only Difference Between You and Those Who Manifest Abundance Effortlessly is That They Do What The Have to Do to Manifest. They Have an Abundance Mindset.

So let’s get you there too. Let’s get there together. I’m really looking forward to manifesting with you.

Don’t Forget…This is for LIFETIME Access. So if you’re truly ready to spend the rest of your life manifesting all you deserve and desire with this forever growing super powerful collective of baddasses, Let’s Rock!

$33 Inbox Card Readings

Messages from your loved ones

Receive the guidance you need to propel forward into a life of joy, abundance, love, freedom & purpose

48-72 Hour Delivery

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What Clients Are Saying

Thank you for the reading. You truly have a gift and I'm so thankful you share it. The reading was so accurate, more than accurate if that's possible! You are right, | have come a long way and I'm still working on those few small things to get out of my way, just like you said. I'm truly blown away and so happy I found you to help guide me.


Just got a great reading from Greg. He already told me what I know in my minds eye but really helped solidify what it was I needed to do to beable to truly free my self from things holding me back and keeping me from truly feeling happy. By far one of the best most accurate readings I've gotten. Not only that but while he did his reading in the middle of it I felt a very strong rush of energy and and tingles in my body. I have been pretty low for weeks and as he read I felt lighter and lighter. Thank you for the reading and the healing! It was very much needed!

Jacqulyn Blair

Greg has an energy about him that transfers to anyone that is lucky enough to interact with him. His card readings are spot on and give you the guidance needed to keep moving ina forward direction in life. The messages and cards chosen were exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. It was the perfect validation I needed in my life.
My reading with Greg was amazing!! It could not have been more spot on! He actually repeated to me verbatim a statement I made to a friend earlier in the day! We all have all of the info we need inside of us but sometimes it's really nice to get confirmation & Greg surely gave me that!

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