About Greg

I am a Superpower Activator & Sovereign Empowerment Coach who assists growth minded individuals through their personal and spiritual development journey. Using Hypnosis, Sound Healing, Energy Work, Breathwork and Channeling, I help amazing Spiritual Badasses transform their pain and suffering into freedom, abundance, joy & purpose.

“We are going through a medicinal renaissance. Our eyes are being opened to more and more previously hidden remedies and treatments that work towards healing as opposed to just masking symptoms. I am so grateful and blessed to be part of it.”

The Story Of My Healing Journey

My life changed in 2012, after 20+ years of heavy doses of antidepressants, benzodiazepines, amphetamines and sleeping pills. One night, I decided to go out for a drive after taking a bunch of pills…you can imagine what happened. Although no one was hurt, I was devastated and that was my wake up call.

I decided to take a course on hypnosis – this was the beginning of the shifting of my life. Simply from practicing in class, I was able to give up all of my medications, replacing them with self-hypnosis and meditation. 

Around the same time, I was also exploring other natural healing modalities like homeopathy, sound healing, energy work, and plant medicine.

My life evolved almost immediately and dramatically. I finally understood my purpose: to help others heal. 

But I felt like hypnosis wasn’t enough – there was so much more out there to learn and experience.

“It’s as if we forgot what the ancient and indigenous tribes have known since the beginning…plants and herbs are medicine…breath is medicine…energy is medicine…frequency is medicine.”

Over a few years, I got the chance to work with healers from all around the world and learned a plethora of modalities, including sound healing, energy work, breathwork and plant medicine.

In 2017, after seeing testimonial after testimonial about CBD as well as doing immense amounts of research, I knew I had to get involved with this beautiful medicine to help humanity further heal their minds, bodies and souls. 

Divinely guided, I was soon introduced to Lee Regenbogen who quickly became my friend, brother and business partner.

When I explained my vision surrounding the magical Hemp plant, the concept of CBD oil, and the breakthroughs people had on it, Lee was immediately on board. We knew what we had to do. 

It was truly when Lana, Lee’s wife, got involved that the game changed. There would be no SupHERBals without her – she’s truly the backbone of this company.

Today, I spend my time sharing SupHERBals Sacred CBD Oil, offering an array of healing modalities with the world and researching on other plant medicines and modalities that I can incorporate into my life of service.

I recently started the Spiritual Badasses Healing Community. It’s a global platform where breathwork, hypnosis, sound healing and reiki is offered to help people detach from anxiety, fear and insecurities to live a life of confidence, freedom and purpose.

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