Greetings Badass!

Are you a growth-minded individual who wants help moving through their personal and spiritual development journey?

Or maybe you’re a Spiritual Badass ready to transform their pain and suffering into freedom, abundance, joy & purpose?

Let me help you!
I’m Greg Prasker, a Superpower Activator & Sovereign Empowerment Coach!

Imagine before life started, when you were still all nice and cozy in the womb...

Before all the traumas happened. 

Before all the daddy and mama drama. 

Before all the fear, depression, anger, relationship struggles, ADHD and everything else that held you further from your true essence.

Now imagine your older self that you know and trust coming to you while in the womb and preparing you for life...

Making sure you know that you’re loved, safe, strong and confident. 

Making sure you know you get to grow up, do great things and have an awesome life. 

Making sure you’re prepared for tough situations so you bounce back without scars.

How different would your life be if you came into this world prepared for everything to come?

How different would your life be if you were able to navigate those traumatic situations without letting them break you?

How different would your life be if you knew you were a badass from the beginning?

Now picture that rebirth rippling all the way to today and beyond as well as other lifetimes...

Instant profound shifts. Detachment from fear and anger. Acceptance of happiness and abundance as your divine birthright. Feeling the endless amount of self love and self-worth in waves.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a time machine to rebirth you...

However, using a combination of hypnosis, energy work, sound healing, shamanic journeying and breathwork is how you can instantly start fresh tomorrow.

This is exactly what happens when we work together. And there is nothing more in this world that I would love to do then help you get there. 

Are you ready to rock your reality?

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