Greetings Badass!

My name is Greg Prasker and I am a Superpower Activator & Sovereign Empowerment Coach who assists growth minded individuals through their personal and spiritual development journey. Using Hypnosis, Sound Healing, Energy Work, Breathwork and Channeling, I help amazing Spiritual Badasses transform their pain and suffering into freedom, abundance, joy & purpose.

Imagine... If You Will...

That you’re sitting all nice and cozy in the womb. Life hasn’t even started yet.

Before all the traumas happened. Before all the daddy and mama drama. Before all the anxiety, fears, depression, anger, insecurities, relationship struggles, ADHD and everything else that has held you further from your true essence.

Imagine if you were actually prepared for life. Imagine if your older self that you know and trust comes to you while in the womb and prepares you for life.

Makes sure you know that you are loved, safe, strong and confident. Makes sure you know you get to grow up and do great things and have a great life. All while prepping you for the rough situations that happened so they don’t affect the little one the same way you were affected.

How different would your life be if you came into this world prepared for everything to come. How different would your life be if you were able to navigate those traumatic situations without letting them break you. How different would your life be if you knew you were a badass from the beginning.

Now picture that rebirth rippling all the way to today and beyond as well as other lifetimes.

Instant profound shifts.

Using a combination of hypnosis, energy work, sound healing, shamanic journeying and breathwork…this exactly what happens when we work together.

You can instantly start fresh tomorrow. And there is nothing more in this world that I would love to do then help you get there. 

Happiness and Abundance are your Divine Birthrights.

Are you ready to rock your reality?


What Clients Are Saying

I can’t even begin to describe how amazing my hypnosis sessions were. I feel so much relief and completely free from the things that have held me back for so long throughout my journey. Thank you Greg for sharing your gift with me and holding space so that I could release my trauma and find forgiveness and self love.


I reached a stalemate in my spiritual ascension process and Greg provided a much needed service to help me move forward with much greater confidence and ease.

Through his hypnosis program in just a short amount of time I felt much less weighted by the underlaying stuff that was dragging me down and making me spin out over and over again on my path.

It is clear from his energy, compassion and knowledge that he is truly dedicated to helping others make positive changes in their lives and actualize their true potential.

I have suffered from attachment issues as a direct result of childhood wounding and it has derailed all of the important relationships in my life.

I can finally let go of the sabotaging behavior and the subconscious stories that keep me stuck.

I finally cut chords with energies within myself implanted by toxic people and traumatic events in my life. I am much better poised now to progress forward along my highest and best timeline.

There are no coincidences in life and the Universe provided the guidance I needed to trudge through what has been impairing me for what feels like centuries through the divine timing if working with Greg.

Your work is much appreciated Greg, thank you, you rock!


I'd been doing tons of energy healing, coaching,and activations for the past several years.  All with female healers or practitioners.  Ironically, one of my soul's lessons is to heal my relationship with the males in my life and I feel past lives as well.  As an energy healer myself, I take my time discerning if a healer is right for me and vice versa.

There was something about Greg's energy that drew me in and after a few weeks of tuning in, I knew he was a healer that I was being called to work with.  On our consultation call, I'm not even gonna lie, the ego, my sweet little inner girl, was wanting to run away because I felt his authentic presence and ability to hold space for me.  I was fearful of allowing that kind of masculine support because of past hurts.  At the end I said, ok I'll think about this a bit more and get back with you.  Greg said, absolutely, I want you to say fuck yes!! lol  A few hours later I was ready to say FUCK YES for me and open myself to next level of healing.

Greg pours his healing from the heart and holds a safe space for you to allow what needs to be healed to appear and gently guides you to a part of you or person in your life that you need healing and forgiveness with.  The presence that Greg held for me was another level that my soul was ready to receive.  He is a DM in his power and able to hold space for DF ready to heal and forgive.

From this work, I have been able to authentically release a past partner that is not in alignment with me and do it from a place of love rather than hate and blame. I've also had huge awareness around a fear of being seen.  All because I had a beautiful healing conversation with a family member and the part of me in my childhood that kept me safe and protected.  

Much gratitude and thanks!

Book your hypnosis sessions with Greg NOW!  You will not regret it!


Greg’s hypnosis session was nothing like I have ever experienced.  I have been working on myself for 3 years now and Greg’s experience was unique and life changing.  I wasn’t sure what to expect and it is not what you think of when you hear the word hypnosis.  I was under but still very aware of what I was doing and saying.  At the end, I could repeat everything back that happened during our session so there is nothing to be afraid of.  As soon as I was under, Greg began the magic.  We went through my very traumatic past and through our sessions he helped me heal different parts of my childhood that had been open wounds before his work.  We did work on forgiveness, talking to my inner child, and looking at people that had hurt me through a different lens.  I was able to step into my power and let go and release trauma and anxiety in ways I hadn’t done before.  The best part was that it wasn’t horrible or hard.  When we walked back through my experiences, I no longer felt the anxiety, stress, and I let go of the negativity attached to each experience and memory.  When you come from trauma like I did it isn’t always easy to open up.  However, Greg has a way of being kind, patient, and you just feel that trust right away.  With Greg it was easy.  My past used to be heavy but once we worked with my inner child I felt lighter as soon as the session was over.  The best part is that I met up with a friend last week and she didn’t know I had done this work and she told me that I seemed lighter and not as tense.  Once I told her the work I did with Greg she agreed that is was totally worth it and she could see the difference in me. Thank you for helping me heal Greg.

Greg’s sound baths are magical.  You will go to places during the meditations you couldn’t dream of.  You get answers to questions from guides and loved ones from the other side.  The guided meditation will take you into another dimension.  His sounds are transformative and you can feel the negative energy leave your body and positive vibrations come in. You leave feeling uplifted and on a different level of existence.  Sometimes it takes me half a day to come down from the high vibration he leaves you with.  Try it.  You won’t regret it. 


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